The Biggest Mistake Sewists Make as Beginners

The Biggest Mistake Sewists Make as Beginners

Everyone who sews knows how incredibly easy it is to run into mistakes. It seems like sewing machines can be our best or worst friend. Fabric can be willing or stubborn. And pins can be out to get you...

As a beginner, it's important to have patience when learning a new craft:

1) Mastery Takes Time - They say it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert so expect it to be a long journey.

2) Learning Acceleration - As you improve your sewing skills, your ability to problem-solve will improve as well.

3) Patience Keeps You Calm - Being patient when learning how to sew as a beginner helps to control your emotions. Beginners can get easily overwhelmed by the stress and frustration of learning a new craft, so managing expectations ahead of each sewing session will benefit you.

4) Enjoy the Ride - Fully immerse yourself in the new craft and appreciate every lesson knowing it'll bring you closer to your goal.

In short, having patience when learning to sew as a beginner can help you enjoy the process, develop your skills, and produce better results.

For more advice on mistakes sewists make as beginners, check out this video:

Biggest Mistake Sewists Make as Beginners | Seams Too True EP 12