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Why is creative block more prevalent at New Year?

It's been a recurring feeling that I haven't been able to shake this year. Thinking back to a few months prior, I was bombarded with so many ideas it felt overwhelming. Now, it feels like I'm pulling hairs trying to come up with a simple post. 

Here are a few reasons why creative block seems so prevalent at the beginning of the year, followed by a few tips on how you can get past it. 

Pressure with Creativity
One reason is that the start of a new year can bring a sense of pressure or expectation to accomplish new goals and projects. This can create feelings of anxiety or stress, which can make it difficult to tap into one's creative side.

Holiday Exhaustion
Additionally, the holiday season can be very busy and draining, and it can take time for people to fully relax and recharge, which can also contribute to a creative block. I find when I'm physically taxed, my mental takes a toll as well. 

New Year, New Me (?)
Lastly, the end of the year can be a time of reflection and contemplation, which can cause people to question their creative direction and goals for the new year. Looking to do a rebrand? Or start a new craft or hobby? Sometimes the beginning of the year feels like the right time, but requires the most energy to commit.

All these factors can make it hard for people to focus and generate new ideas. But here are some ways that might help you get back on top of your game:

  1. Be Reasonable - Goals are important but make sure they're realistic. If you have a grand goal, tie it to a reasonable timeline and work backwards to create short-term goals.
  2. Start Small - What's an easy, reliable project you can do to work those creative muscles? Ideally one that doesn't require too much thinking, but puts you through the motions. Even if it's outside your typical domain, putting yourself out there is a great start.
  3. Inspo Dive - Where do you stockpile all your inspo? Pinterest? Instagram? Set some time aside to look back into those folders to reignite that creative spark.

Let's leave that sluggish month behind us and continue on the journey for greatness :)