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be glorious Invisible Ruler

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Flexible invisible ruler (aka transparent ruler) with metric and imperial markings, for friends all around the world.

UV printed so the dye is in the interlayer rather than on the surface. This prevents it from fading like screen printed rulers.

Design: 18"/45.7cm long


'be glorious' like no other...

The phrase "be glorious" means to be yourself to the fullest. Step into your strengths, your taste, your personality and quirks - and don't hold back.

This really ties into our passion as sewists, as we give birth to new ideas. New styles, new garments, new trends. From the way we dress, to the tangible (and intangible) things we create, we want to genuinely express ourselves in our work.

What we create is a product of who we are.

Be true to yourself and wear it unapologetically, in all your Glory.